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These skin formulations have been prepared and ready to replace the content of your existing Visible Youth Dispensers. Traveling and going through airport security, these skin care pouches are water and air tight, fitting neatly into transparent travel bags.



Mixed Skin

Mixed skin is one of the more difficult types of skin care to treat properly.

  • Glowing and shining areas that have enlarged pores, often appear blackheads
  • Dry areas (mostly on the cheeks)
  • A feeling of pull after washing
  • Prone to wrinkles mostly due to the diverse zones of skin being treated improperly over time

There is the greasy, shiny T-Zone (forehead, nose, cheeks), often with blackheads.

Dry skin areas are especially noticeable after washing where there is a feeling of pulling of the skin. Sometimes there is a white peeling of skin on or around the nose.

The objective is to calm the sebaceous glands in the oily area while moisturising and finally to reduce the aging process of the skin.

Oily Skin
Oily Skin – Prone to Acne

Oily skin is prone to develop acne and has a complexion that:

  • Glows or shines
  • Has pimples, lumps
  • Is sensitive
  • Has enlarged pores, often with blackheads
  • There are numerous wrinkles and fine lines

The top layer is thick with a glossy surface. Enlarged pores is often accompanied by the presence of blackheads. It has poor blood circulation and the skin may secrete in excessive amounts. Can be brought on by stress, nervous tension and hormonal disorders.

Its appearance usually improves during the summer months, which is related to the liquefying of the consistency of oily surface under the influence of heat. This makes it easier to flow over the surface of the skin and not blocking the pores.

Dry Skin
Dry Skin
  • Is thin
  • Is sensitive
  • Has the tendency to crack
  • May tend to feel stretched after washing
  • Can be very tender in frosty or excess sunny conditions

Dry skin is very thin, dehydrated and has insufficient natural moisturising agent and lipids that normally binding with water molecules. Dry and very dry skin is usually pink (due to the translucent blood that is circulating in the blood vessels below the thin epidermis.

Due to insufficient protection afforded by the limited thickness, it is easy to irritate. It is sensitive to frost, sun, wind, extreme temperature changes. After washing with water and soap there can be an unpleasant feeling of pulling or stretching leading to peeling and cracking. Because of this applying makeup can lead to particles of dry skin, which is not the effect expected or intended to maintain a youthful smooth look. With age the problem may become worse.


Adult Acne (Rosacea)
This preparation is dedicated to reducing the effect of dilated capillaries and the problem of rosacea.

Regular use of the cream reduces visibility of the blood vessels and alleviates the symptoms of rosacea. After the first use, it soothes and soothes irritations.

Effectiveness confirmed by tests *: – reduces the intensity of erythema – speeds up the healing of wounds and pimples – improves hydration – improves skin elasticity and firmness, and smooths the skin – evens out its color * A study conducted at an independent laboratory


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